Winterich hopes to help emerging scholars as chair of AMA’s Academic Council


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — As a young doctoral student, Karen Winterich recalls how impressed she was reading research conducted by past presidents of the American Marketing Association Academic Council.

“There are so many former AMA Academic Council chairs who are leaders in the field that I respect and admire,” she said. “I remember reading their research as a doctoral student. student and see them with celebrity or rock star status.

Winterich’s ascendancy in the field of marketing has once again been affirmed. She was named President-Elect of the WADA Academic Council. As that honor sinks in, Winterich, the Gerald I. Susman Professor of Sustainability, slowly realizes that she may be inhabiting the same stratosphere as past presidents whose research once appealed to her.

“I was honored to be invited and I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m one of those people,” she said.

Meg Meloy, David H. McKinley Chair in Business Administration and Chair of the Marketing Department, is also a leader in the discipline. She appreciates the importance of Winterich’s honor.

“The appointment of Dr. Winterich as chair-elect is not only an incredible honor for her, but an honor for the department. It highlights the cutting-edge research taking place in the department and provides evidence that Penn State has the best and brightest thought leadership in marketing in the department, training the next generation of marketing scholars and bringing that knowledge to the classroom. “says Meloy.

“Dr. Winterich was one of the first researchers to fully embrace and immerse herself in sustainability research in marketing and it is a topic that is of vital importance to the field, as well as to the business community at large. To be recognized for this is a wonderful achievement.

Winterich was appointed and served on the Academic Council for a few years. She was then identified and asked if she would continue to serve on the executive committee, which was confirmed by a formal vote. She will serve as president-elect until her term as president begins in 2023. After that, she will spend one year as past president.

“I primarily work with the AMA’s Leadership and Academic Council to enhance the value that the AMA brings to marketing professors and doctoral students,” she said. “This role includes the twice-annual AMA academic conferences as well as five AMA journals, including two of the four leading journals in our field – Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Marketing – as well as improving the value WADA membership and experience for teachers. and students”.

Winterich said she’s still developing a set of goals she hopes to achieve during her tenure, but has a general idea of ​​what they will focus on.

“The wonderful part of this role is that I am supported by an incredible staff at AMA who work diligently to implement the goals of the Academic Council,” she said.

“I will be presenting my goals to the AMA Board in the spring, so I am still refining them, but they will most likely focus on building and strengthening the community that the AMA provides, particularly to PhD students and assistant professors, which I think is particularly important given the impacts of the pandemic. And of course, there will probably also be objectives concerning – surprise – sustainability!”

While Winterich would be the first Smeal faculty member to hold the position, others made “tremendous contributions to the American Marketing Association in their time,” Meloy said.

Distinguished management science professor and researcher Gary Lilien received the 2008 AMA Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award, the highest honor a marketing educator can receive, and was named one of first AMA Fellows in 2015.

Wayne DeSarbo, former Mary Jean and Frank P. Smeal Professor Emeritus of Marketing, was named an AMA Fellow in 2018.

David T. Wilson has served on the Advisory Council for the Vice President of the Education Division and as Vice President of the Commercial Marketing Division of the AMA.

“We look forward to supporting Dr. Winterich during this time as she takes the reins of the AMA,” Meloy said. “This is a huge undertaking at a time of incredible change for the marketing industry. We know the AMA is in good hands.


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