Aurangabad cops press charges against Raj Thackeray for speech; Mumbai police notify him


Trouble mounted for MNS chairman Raj Thackeray after Aurangabad police recorded a charge against him on Tuesday for his ‘provocative’ speech over loudspeakers atop mosques two days ago, while the DGP of Maharashtra said proper legal action would be taken against him over the matter.

In related developments, a Sangli district court in western Maharashtra has issued a non-releasable warrant (NBW) against Raj Thackeray in a 14-year-old case, while Mumbai police have served a notice under a section of the CrPC related to prevention. knowable offences.

Sending a direct message to the MNS chairman regarding his May 3 deadline for the removal of loudspeakers from mosques, the ruling Shiv Sena said the state does not operate on ultimatums and the rule of law prevails. here even though some MNS leaders had warned they would hit the streets in the event of further action against their leader.

Police in Aurangabad, located more than 350km from Mumbai in central Maharashtra, filed a case against Raj Thackeray on Tuesday, two days after he called for loudspeakers to be silenced atop mosques from May 4 , said an official.

The 53-year-old politician was convicted under Articles 153 (gratuitous provocation with intent to cause a riot), 116 (incitement to an offense punishable by imprisonment if the offense is not committed) and 117 (encouraging the commission of an offense by the public or by more than 10 persons) of the Indian Penal Code and the provisions of the Maharashtra Police Act, the official told reporters.

During the rally in Aurangabad on May 1, the head of the MNS had asked people to play Hanuman Chalisa in front of mosques from May 4 if the loudspeakers were not removed there.

Indifferent to the recording of the case, Raj Thackeray urged people in the evening to play Hanuman Chalisa on loudspeakers on Wednesday wherever they hear loudspeakers “screaming the azaan (Islamic call to prayer) “.

In an open letter, he asked people to complain to the police by dialing 100 if they are broadcast with the sound of ‘azaan’.

“You have to complain daily,” said the head of the MNS. “I call on all Hindus that tomorrow May 4th if you hear the loudspeaker sounding azaan; in those places play Hanuman Chalisa on loudspeakers. That’s when they will realize the hurdle of these speakers,” Raj Thackeray said in the newspaper. letter.


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